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We manufacture and distribute a wide range of innovative electrical products and accessories for the South African domestic market, including all major retailers and electrical wholesalers.

Cover Strip Range

Patented Feature

Lesco’s design team have solved an age-old problem when it comes to installation in tight situations. Because all Cover Strip Range sockets are connected from the front, even the shortest power cables can easily be located and connected. The benefit of large box-type terminals and being able to get a better torque on fastening screws means that when the outlet is fitted the chance of cables “popping out” is significantly reduced.


DENA Range is a modular design which incorporates a wide variety of options. The modular system allows for simple exchanges of one module for another by simply un-clipping by means of a screwdriver and reassembling the alternate module. Switches are manufactured and comply with IEC specifications. Colours available are white and charcoal as standard.

Decor Range

In addition, we have added the Decor range which compliments the Dena Range. The Decor range has been aesthetically designed for modern application with XL (Extra Large) switches. These too can be used as a normal or dimmer switch.

Pipelli Range

Lesco’s revolutionary Pipelli sockets feature fasten-from-front cable installation. Pipelli sockets are fitted with large, box-type terminals, with clamping plate for better cable retention and easier looping. This saves time and makes the products easy to install. The fact that there is no riveting of brass tracks on both ranges ensures minimal heat build-up and contact breakdown. LESCO and Pipelli sockets have switches with a double spring system, providing a firmer contact, minimising arcing. This ensures safety and increases longevity, as well as maximum current transfer.

Pipelli QUAD Range

Introducing Pipelli QUAD Range cover plates. A new “shadowline”, square cover plate that fits our standard Pipelli switch and socket range offering elegant sharp lines and a subtle, aesthetic raised double cover edge.

Steel Range

Lesco's new switched sockets now feature our Mono-Bloc System. Lesco's existing Steel Range continues to be a popular, fixed installation range which affords contractors and installers an all-inclusive and attractive solution for all installations. The benefit of large box type terminals and being able to get a better torque on fastening screws means that when the outlet is fitted the chance of cables “popping out” is significantly reduced.

Allbro Weatherproof Range 

Commercial, Industrial & Home installations
Suitable for power tools, aircons, fridges etc.

Clusterloc Range

Move away from the old “labour-intensive” wall box connection method. The Lesco ClusterLoc professional wall box system not only saves time but guarantees consistently spaced and level installation. All components simply “snap” together and can be installed in any configuration, horizontally and vertically. The ClusterLoc system is also ideal for drywall partitioning installations and is compatible with all Lesco switches and sockets plus other South African fixed installation products.

Minature Breaker Range

All Lesco circuit breakers and isolators are imported and tested on arrival in our test laboratory. Lesco ensures that all quality procedures adhere to SABS regulations.

PVC distribution boards

Lesco’s Distribution Boards are available in 8, 12, 15 and 18 way flush and surface options. Distribution Boards are available pre-populated or empty and are supplied loose or packaged ready for retail. Distribution Boards can be customised to suit customer requirement

Domestic Range

Tested to stringent SABS specifications and compliant with the SABS mark, the LESCO consumer range is the perfect combination of superior safety and ongoing innovation. Only 100% virgin material is used in the moulding of LESCO adapters; all of which are made from flame-retardant material. Strict quality-control procedures are enforced at our on-site test laboratory in our manufacturing plants in Johannesburg.

Retail Solutions

Contact your LESCO representative to mix and match a product shelf unique for you and your customers.