We are LESCO 

Uniquely positioned to be a different company to each stakeholder, we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

  • To the retailers, we are a preferred and trusted supplier. 
  • To the homeowners, our brand represents safety and high-quality electrical products. 
  • To the youth and traditionally unemployable, we are an employment opportunity. 

But, most importantly, while established at the foot of the African continent, we are known as a continental driver of sustainable change. 

Sipho Nkosi - Non-Executive Chairman

LESCO & Switch King

Four facts about LESCO

Leaders in Sustainable Change

We are passionate about developing a sustainable organisation that supports local talent and infrastructure. In doing so, we have been able to meet a number of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Employing the Unemployable

Through our community development programmes, we have been able ​to provide work opportunities to any class of labour, from low-medium and high functioning disabled, women to the youth.

Guaranteed Product Quality and Safety

We produce our range of products at competitive pricing with high quality & safety for the local market. All products adhere to local standards and are SABS accredited. We are renowned for our strict quality control and response time to any specification changes.

Rich History of Success

Founded in 1999 by David Shapiro, we have a 23-year track record under the LESCO Manufacturing name. Did you know that our roots can be traced back to 1958 to Switch King - a company founded by Natie Shapiro, David’s father?

Our Legacy 

  • 1959Switch King was founded by Natie Shapiro

    Switch King started manufacturing standard sheet metal distribution boards
  • 1992Pioneers in the industry

    Expanded into switches, sockets, isolators and adapters
  • 1995Switch King Growth and Success

    At this point, Switch King owned and operated 4 factories employing over 500 people
  • 1998Liquidation of Switch King

    Change in the business environment led to Switch King’s liquidation in this year which led to the pivotal shift in business processes that birthed LESCO
  • 1999Founding of Light Electrical Switch Company - LESCO

    David Shapiro founded LESCO, using his experience from Switch King and started to develop products
  • 1998The outsourced model for LESCO

    David developed an outsourced model which gave work to people living with disabilities
  • 1999LESCO Ethos

    David wished to create a labour force where employer and employee benefited from a symbiotic relationship with a philanthropic angle
  • 1999LESCO moved to Regent’s Park

    From David’s garage to a warehouse in Regent’s Park, LESCO operated it’s office from a container office situated on the same premises as the factory
  • 2010Jonathan Shapiro joined LESCO

    From shadowing sales directors to working on the assembly line, Jon integrated his life into the workings of LESCO
  • 2012LESCO’s new product range

    The company expanded it’s product range to include switches and sockets
  • 2014LESCO’s co-branded label strategy

    After listing with larger retailers, LESCO started co-branding label strategies for its customers
  • 2016LESCO has a new CEO

    Jonathan Shapiro takes the reigns from David as CEO of LESCO
  • 2018LESCO’s Vertical Integration

    LESCO opened its own factory and vertically integrated the business model by insourcing labour and moulding supplies
  • 2018Welcome Sipho Nkosi

    Sipho Nkosi came on board as an external investor and is now LESCO’s non-executive chairman
  • 2022LESCO growth and future

    LESCO continues growing from strength to strength in recent years and numerous exciting projects are on the horizon